Guided by the brand statement, 'For the real game', Molten is committed to producing the absolute best quality sports equipment to help athletes maximize performance and realize their full potential. By combining innovative technology and superior craftsmanship, Molten will continue to create products of impeccable quality to serve and support the growth and development of the global sports community.

The game becomes real only when athletes reach their full potential and push performance to the limit.

To produce and perfect sports equipment that allows athletes to fully realize their potential.

Curiosity - Discovering solutions that surprise
Perfection - Turning the ideal into the real
Expertise - Building trust through mastery of our craft
Versatility - Enjoying growth via new challenges

Molten Technology
  • FLISTATEC Volleyball Technology: FLISTATEC has brought a revolutionary change to the conventional concept of volleyball and created a game that is more exciting than ever. Visibility was improved by placing three streamlined panels on each side of the volleyball in a combination with Molten's original color patterns. The color white can be easily recognized in any type of environment. Yet when adding a combination of red and green colors to this streamlined panel design. the FLISTATEC volleyball visually creates a smoother rotating motion. This original design represents the flame in the letter "O" in the word Molten, symbolizing passion for the game.

  • Advanced Basketball Technology: The X-Series combines Molten’s Advanced Basketball Technology with subtle modifications to provide even more functionality for elite athletes across the globe. Included in the changes are a uniform surface texture and an increase in the color contrast of the signature 12­‐panel GUIGIARO design. By integrating tradition with innovation, Molten’s X‐Series aims for maximum grip and control, consistency in contact, and increased visibility.

  • ACENTEC® - Soccer Ball Technology: Imagine a ball that is 2.2 times more likely to go precisely where a player aims. That means superior ball control, to help deliver an instinctively precise response in every phase of the game. A ball with water absorbency one-fifth that of a conventional ball, ensuring a high performance that is not affected by weather conditions. ACENTEC® technology, produced from the cutting-edge automated production line, enabled a distinguished uniform surface. The result is a uniform quality, achieving a constant feel of the ball.

Product Authenticity

All Molten USA products are manufactured according to the highest quality and safety standards. Authentic Molten products in the Philippines are sold and distributed by Sonak Corporation directly or through authorized resellers – including dealers and retailers.